PhD Students

Current PhD Students

  • Zhe Wang (2020-2023). Co-supervision with Aladine Chetouani (Deep Learning)
  • Rania Sefti (2019-2022). Co-supervision with Driss Sbibih (Image processing)
  • Tinhinane Mehdi (2019-2022). Co-supervision with Mohammed El Hassouni (Deep Learning)
  • Yassine Nasser (2017-2020). Co-supervision with Mohammed El Hassouni (Deep Learning)

Former PhD Students

  • Allan Felipe Fattori Alves (2016-2019). Co-supervised with Diana Rodrigues De Pina (Image segmentation).
  • Mohamed Hafri (2014-2017). Co-supervised with Eric Lespessailles (Image segmentation).
  • Fouad Boudjenouia (2014-2017). Co-supervised with Karim Abed-Meraim (Image Restoration).
  • Thomas Janvier (2013-2016). Co-supervised with Eric Lespessailles (Texture Analysis, Osteoarthritis).
  • Yoann Gut (2013-2016) (MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging).
  • Jérôme Touvier (2012-2015). Co-supervised with Eric Lespessailles (Texture Analysis, Osteoporosis). 
  • Sonia Berkache (2009-2013) (3D Shape Reconstruction).
  • Lotfi Houam (2009-2012). Co-supervised with Abdelhani Boukrouche (Texture Analysis).

  • Romain Rieger (2008-2011). Co-supervised with with Hambli (Biomechanical Analysis).

  • Abdurrahim Akgundogdu (2006-2009). Co-supervised with Uçan Osman (Machine Learning).

  • Gabriel Aufort (2004-2008) (3D Characterization of Porous Media).

  • Gérald Lemineur (2000-2003). Co-supervised with Rachid Harba (Texture Analysis).